Most days I’ll read a few blog posts. Let’s be honest, for most people, it’s hard to manage more than a few a day unless you let them take over your life. If the truth be known, I have had that feeling sometimes in the past – which is hard to acknowledge when you enjoy them so much. So, although I have a long list of bloggers whose posts are flagged up for me on a daily basis, the chances are I’ll only read the occasional one from each site – but that at least means I’m really interested. I do also share them, predominantly on Twitter, but Facebook gets a look in now and then and, for those I think have the potential to be really useful – particularly for readers and fellow authors – I’ll share them here on my own blog.

And here is just such a post. As the title suggests, it’s aimed at indie authors, but it has the added advantage of being short and to the point – so it won’t take up much of your time, but it could be very useful. If you’re an indie, take a moment to click here – you have nothing to lose.