The Bloggers Bash presents opportunities for several things: to meet up and mingle with old friends and new; to be there when the Bash Awards prizes are announced and presented; and to learn more about the art of blogging. One of the ways we fulfil that last opportunity is by having a panel debate. This has been very popular since it was introduced, and we’ve no doubt this year’s panel will be no exception.

Taking part in the panel are three experienced and talented bloggers, who each bring their own particular sets of skills to the table (though we may not have an actual table!).

Laura Creaven

Award-winning blogger Laura is creator of food blog Full to the Brum, and co-founder of the Brum Bloggers networking group. She has appeared on TV and written for magazines to discuss her knowledge of the incredible food scene in Birmingham.



Shelley Wilson


Shelley is a meditation tutor, a writing mentor, and a personal development author and blogger. Her blog, Motivate Me Now, covers a variety of themes and topics around personal growth, motivation, self-help, and living an authentic life. The blog is a culmination of Shelley’s work in holistic health, training, teaching, and writing. Not only does she share valuable content on a range of personal development topics, she also offers advice on creative projects such as writing a book or starting/maintaining a blog.




Esther Chilton


Esther is a freelance editor, writer and writing tutor for The Writers Bureau. Part of the course she tutors is on blogging. The course recognises how important it is to establish a platform for yourself and to gain a following. But it also understands how blogging can help you hone your writing skills, aid your professional development and inspire others. Esther’s own blog can be found here.




As you can see, each panellist brings a different take on blogging to the (still potentially fictitious) table, and has the potential to add even more value to your day – and your blogging experience.

But they will need questions so, if you’re coming along, do take the opportunity to ask one (or more!). And, if you can’t be there, feel free to add your questions to this post, or email them to us using the contact page on this site. Any questions received after 8th June won’t be included, so don’t hold back!

The Bash is now only a few weeks away and this is a great chance to pick the brains of experts in their fields.

And, if you want to be there and still haven’t bought a ticket, you can put that right by clicking here.

We’re nearly there!