It’s now only four days until you can get your hands on a copy of Carrion. Not that you have to wait to get that ball rolling. A click on the book cover will allow you to pre-order it.



As far as this post is concerned, though, the book’s a sideshow. Yesterday, the wonderful Kerry Parsons at Chat About Books shared a guest post from me that gives an insight to my approach to storytelling. In case you missed it, you can access it by clicking on the map below.




Salin watched for only a moment. A huge black cloud spread across the sky and swept relentlessly towards them. Beneath it, grey smoke was slowly dispersing behind something that was charging towards them. The size of the cloud dwarfed the creature, but Salin was under no illusions. This was a powerful beast, and undoubtedly the cause of the troll’s annihilation. It was difficult to make out any features because its colouring blended well with its surroundings. Whatever it was, he knew instinctively what it meant. Flint hadn’t been exaggerating.