Following on from my post yesterday, in the spirit of catching up, I wanted to share a post from Linda’s Book Bag. This one was part of the Blog Blitz that took place the day before the book launch, though Linda very kindly went the extra mile to offer more than just the normal stuff from this kind of tour.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much I enjoyed doing it. Click on Bryan Ferry’s face to get to the post – or find a Twix, I can’t remember which it is…




Cordane, Willow and Vangor had thrown themselves to the ground. As they began to sit up, Cordane looked across at Salin.
“All right, now I’m convinced about the sword!” he shouted.
“It wasn’t the sword!” Salin called back as he ran towards them.
“Well if it wasn’t the sword,” Willow demanded as she climbed to her feet, “what was it?!”
Salin had reached them now and was helping Vangor up, his head twisting and turning. “There!” he yelled.
And suddenly the troll didn’t seem very scary at all.



Some temptations are worth giving in to.

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