As promised, this has been a short series of posts. The last review came with a whole suitcase full of trigger warnings. I have to say, until I read that list, I hadn’t realised just how depraved my mind was. It’s also worth pointing out that I had to look up what uxoricide means as well. It just goes to show that we’re always learning.

You’d think that, with that opening, the reader/reviewer might have had a few harsh words to say… If she did, I didn’t spot them. Better than that, Kelsey at There’s Something About KM wrote a terrific review.

Now, when I say a terrific review, clearly, the fact that it’s a positive one makes it terrific to me. But there’s more to it than that. In trying to explain what the book is about, some reviewers include plot points, even spoilers. I suspect like most authors, I want there to be surprises – and ideally a few shocks – for the reader as they read the story. It’s one of the reasons I find it hard to come up with an elevator pitch for either of my novels. I just don’t want to give anything away in advance. What Kelsey has done here, though, is provide a real taste of what’s in store without giving the reader more than a flavour of what’s to come. Maybe what I need is for her to write my elevator pitches.

Anyway, take a look for yourself by clicking on the image below. I hope you’ll understand why I’m so excited by it.



Something To Think About

2020 has been a challenging year. One of the many outcomes of the pandemic has been the impact on small businesses, with many fighting hard to adapt and survive. If you can do it safely, please support small and local businesses. They make a difference. 

Although you might not think of them as such, among those small businesses are authors. If you’re looking to buy something special for Christmas, why not introduce your family and friends to a new author? Check out the authors you’ve discovered in recent times – you never know, they might be willing to provide a signed copy (or even include a personalised message).