Friday 13th has a bit of a reputation, doesn’t it? Personally, I think it gets a bad press, and that certainly seemed to be the case during the blog tour. There weren’t any reviews that day, but Els over at B for Bookreview shared an interview we’d done. You might be surprised at the answers to some of my questions. Go on, take a look – it won’t hurt. Just¬†click on the image below.



Something To Think About

2020 has been a challenging year. One of the many outcomes of the pandemic has been the impact on small businesses, with many fighting hard to adapt and survive. If you can do it safely, please support small and local businesses. They make a difference. 

Although you might not think of them as such, among those small businesses are authors. If you’re looking to buy something special for Christmas, why not introduce your family and friends to a new author? Check out the authors you’ve discovered in recent times – you never know, they might be willing to provide a signed copy (or even include a personalised message).