A couple of weeks ago, there was a blog tour for Carrion. The last time I did one of these, I pretty much wrote my own blog post for every participant on the tour, as well as sharing the content as widely as I could (which, frankly, isn’t that widely because I’m crap at all this social media stuff). I know it did start to get a little irritating for some people, so this time I decided to let it settle a bit and then gradually share some of the highlights of the tour.

First to put in an appearance was Jane Hunt, who provided a review that introduced me to a new genre. I’d never heard of ‘noir fantasy’ before. To be fair, I’m not sure if it is a genuine genre, or just a delightfully descriptive phrase Jane came up with. Whichever it is, Carrion fits right into that category.

To find out more, you can read the full review by clicking on the eBook image below (it’s not that long, but it says what it needs to).



A Final Word

2020 has been a challenging year. One of the many outcomes of the pandemic has been the impact on small businesses, with many fighting hard to adapt and survive. If you can do it safely, please support small and local businesses. They make a difference. 

Although you might not think of them as such, among those small businesses are authors. If you’re looking to buy something special for Christmas, why not introduce your family and friends to a new author? Check out the authors you’ve discovered in recent times – you never know, they might be willing to provide a signed copy (or even include a personalised message).