It’s always good to get a review of your book. Even a bad review means the reader has felt strongly enough about something you’ve written to pass a comment on it. In those circumstances, you can console yourself with the thought that at least what you wrote didn’t just pass them by.

Fortunately, although I’m not immune to bad reviews, most have been positive. Indeed, the biggest complaint seems to be that I’ve not produced the elusive second novel yet (it is on its way, honest!).

Most reviews come out of the blue, of course, and that’s how it should be. Those are the ones you value the most. And they can come from the most unexpected places and at the most unexpected times. So it was both a surprise and a delight to see I’d been tagged on a couple of Facebook groups yesterday – especially as I’d not even heard of one of them. Curiosity aroused, I popped over to both, only to find a link to the Roberta Writes blog site. I don’t expect you to enjoy it as much as I did, but I hope it won’t be an unpleasant experience for you. Please click on the book cover below for a direct link to the review…


Oh, and if it’s tempted you to buy a copy, head over here