Warning: This will only be of interest to bloggers

For those of you who didn’t pick up on it, I joined the committee of the Bloggers Bash last year and helped organise this year’s event. I’d be lying if I said every moment spent on the preparation was fun, but the end result certainly was and I know a lot of the newcomers are looking forward to coming back next year. The only question on their minds has probably been: when is it?

The wait is over and we’re announcing the date in conjunction with the launch of the Bash’s own website. No longer will you need to go to a committee member’s site or through the Facebook page and try to find the relevant links on someone else’s blog. Now you can just go to one place and you’ll find all you need to know and to buy tickets (soon, very soon).

Clearly, there will be updates as we get nearer to the date, so keep an eye on things as more details are announced. There is a date, and the venue will be confirmed shortly – we are returning to central London to make it more accessible.

If you’ve been before, I’m sure you’ll want to get a taste of what’s to come, so do go and have a look at the new site. If you haven’t, what’s wrong with you? Find out which of your blogger friends have been and ask them why they think you should go. And still have a look at the shiny new site – and get ready to buy a ticket. It’s a great day out. Next year will be my fifth (I’ve been to them all, and I’m not even a serious blogger!), so I hope that gives you an idea of whether it’s worth going or not…