During the recent blog blitz I did for Carrion, I was introduced to some book bloggers I hadn’t come across before. In the time I’ve been interacting with book bloggers, it’s become apparent that there are occasions when they don’t always feel appreciated by authors. I suppose, if the truth be known, we can all look to certain aspects of our lives and relate to that lack of appreciation.

To me, book bloggers are amazing. They take time out to read our books, review our books and, where they can, promote them. And they do it because they love the books (and occasionally the authors), not because we’re shoving stuffed brown envelopes in their direction. For that reason, whenever I feature on a blogger’s site, I do my best to share it. Obviously, there’s a vested interest for me, but apparently not all authors think the same way. Now, I won’t claim to be brilliant at sharing, especially as I’m not that great with social media, but I will make an effort – because someone is making an effort for me.

I’ve previously commented on how much I value the opportunities to meet up with bloggers, readers and other authors. That connection seems to last, in my experience. When I did the blog blitz, once I knew which bloggers were taking part, I tried to contact them all in advance to thank them for taking part. It seemed like a reasonable thing to do. There were a couple I couldn’t get in touch with, but I managed it with most. I was surprised, though, at how grateful some of them were for me just doing that. Sure, it took up a bit of time, but you never know what that little investment in time will bring. And if it brings you nothing but goodwill, it’s paid off.

There seemed to be a lot of enthusiasm from the bloggers on the day of the blitz. Whether it was enhanced because of my earlier efforts, or whether they’d have been that way anyway, I really don’t know for sure. But I know over the following days there was a lot of interaction between me and those bloggers, with several expressing interest in doing the full blog tour when it happens (it was going to be July, but I’ve had to postpone it thanks to some hurdles I’m experiencing with getting the paperback published).

This theme will probably be covered again and again in various places in the coming weeks, months and years, but I do want to say to any authors who are dismissive of book bloggers: don’t be. They’re valuable in so many ways. I’m not proposing we stand outside our houses and clap for them, but I am grateful there are so many of them out there. Because, without them, Indie authors like me wouldn’t get a look in.