Okay, guys, it’s taken a while, but I can confirm that, at long last, Ravens Gathering is available in paperback. At present, it is only available in the UK, but as it has been referred to by one reviewer as “a very British thriller”, that’s probably not a bad thing.

Now, as you’re all champing at the bit to get hold of a copy, you will want to know how to go about it. There are four options open to you, and these are listed in the order of preference:


  1. Go to your local book shop and ask for it. At this stage, I can pretty much guarantee they won’t have it in stock (I may write fantasy at times, but I don’t live in a fantasy world). Most book shops can get a copy delivered to them within a couple of days, so you won’t be left with that sense of life being incomplete for too long. If you can use a small independent book shop, all the better. They’re a dying breed. I know ordering one book from them won’t prevent their extinction, but if we can support them just a little bit more it might just save a few. I should add here that this isn’t the option that pays me the most, but it has the potential to be more rewarding in the longer term. Because, if the shops are asked for a book often enough, they might start to stock it, and if it’s in stock, it’s more likely to be bought on a regular basis. So, even if you can’t readily access a small independent, I am more than happy for you to head into a chain and ask for it. Just don’t bother with a supermarket, because they only want books that will sell hundreds of thousands of copies – and I’ve already said that I don’t live in a fantasy world.
  2. Contact me directly. Just use the contact page on this site and email me. If I know you and like you I may even put a personal message in there. I do travel quite a bit, so it’s possible I could call and drop a copy off – though you may have to experience that sense of life being incomplete for a while. Alternatively, I can post one to you. The postage charge will vary depending on the service you want, but I’ll confirm that with you before you decide to pay.
  3. Order from my publisher here. Their service will undoubtedly be slicker than mine, and the postage cost similar, but you will miss out on the personal message (assuming I liked you in the first place).
  4. Order through Amazon. Unless you’re an Amazon Prime customer, the postage cost will be similar to that charged by me or the publisher. From a purely selfish point of view, I have to point out that, because of the discount Amazon demand from publishers, by selling via them, it will actually cost me money. Why that should be the case has been written about elsewhere, so I won’t go over old ground here. However, I do think it’s worth reiterating that, in spite of the efforts Amazon has made to open doors for Independent authors, this is an area in which they let us down badly. If it is the only realistic option for you to acquire the book, please go ahead. I’d rather have a reader than not. But if you can take one of the other options, I would appreciate it.


Of course, this is all geared up to the paperback. The eBook is still available – see below for links – and can be delivered much more rapidly than the paperback. And I promise not to leave a personal message across the front of your Kindle, whether I like you or not.


Ravens Gathering eBook – Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com


If any book blogger is struggling to find anything to review next (I did say I didn’t live in a fantasy world, didn’t I?), please do contact me and I’ll make a copy available in whichever format is preferred.


Finally, and in spite of my somewhat flippant tone here, I would just like to say thank you in advance to anyone who reads Ravens Gathering. Trying a new author is always a bit of a risk, but I hope you’ll come out the other side having been entertained. And if you have, and you can spare just a little more time, a review would be appreciated, even if it’s only a few words. Those few words can make a big difference.