It seems a post I issued a few hours ago was incorrect, so if you’ve read that, ignore it. If you haven’t, just ignore this paragraph, because the rest is correct (or so I’m told!). 


As the clock ticks on, we get ever closer to seeing in 2019. In some parts of the world, it’s already happened, of course. But here in Blighty, we still have a few hours to go.
Some of us will be celebrating big-style – parties, fireworks, copious amounts of alcohol – others in our own quiet ways. Some will be glad to see the back of 2018, while others will be hoping the New Year will be even better than the one they’ve just had. For most of us, it represents a time to reflect and consider what we can do with the bright, shiny year that lies ahead.
For bloggers, there is something you can put in your diary. Better still, you can commit to do it in less than 24 hours, because from midday tomorrow, the Early Bird discounted tickets for the Annual Bloggers Bash go on sale. So, any time after noon on 1st January you can click here and book your tickets.
While you’re waiting for that time to come round, feel free to follow this link to find out more about the event itself.
Regardless of whether you are a blogger or someone who is curious about what rubbish I’ve churned out lately, I hope you have the New Year’s Eve you want, and that 2019 will give you everything you wish for – provided it’s legal and no animals are harmed in the making of it…