It’s true. Graeme has been a bestselling author. To be fair, he doesn’t brag about it and, frankly, hardly anyone noticed. But he says it’s nice to be able to include it on his CV.

More importantly, when he put together a talk exploring the modern world of publishing, it helped to have a title that would grab people’s attention.

How to Become a Bestseller does reveal how he reached that heady height, but along the way it covers so much more, including:

  • How the traditional publishing industry works – and how long it can take to get published
  • Why being an Independent (Indie) author is a credible alternative
  • The different publishing options available to writers
  • What factors have affected where you can buy books
  • The correct way to publish your own book


Although the talk will be of interest to writers who haven’t made the leap into publishing, it’s been warmly received by groups who simply enjoy an entertaining speaker.

Lasting between 45 minutes and an hour, it isn’t a technical presentation, but hits on the key points to be aware of for writers and readers.

If you are part of a group that would be interested in meeting Graeme and hearing him speak, please contact him.  He’ll be delighted to hear from you.