Several weeks ago, I wrote about Foster an Author and the opportunity it presented. This week sees it starting to roll, and so far there seems to be an awful lot of activity taking place. My own ability to contribute to it is limited by my lack of social media presence. Aside from the blog, I have Facebook and Twitter – and, frankly, that’s all I can manage at the moment (I haven’t yet reached the stage where I struggle to record stuff on TV, but I feel like I’m heading in that direction!). It does seem that all manner of social media is being used to share the good news so, if you are on any platform at all, try the hashtags #FosterAnAuthor2018 and #FAA2018 and see what comes up.

My own foster carers (and I may need carers sooner rather than later) are 2 Chicks and a Book, and they can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As well as me, they’ve fostered two other authors, Stacy M Wray and Rita Delude, both writing in different genres. Bearing in mind my own inclination away from being pigeon-holed by genre, that suits me fine, and I hope it does them too!

It was the first day of this event yesterday and, due to time spent travelling, my own participation wasn’t as much as I’d have liked. The rest of the week should be better, and it’ll be interesting to see how the remaining four days go.