At this year’s Bloggers Bash, I had the pleasure of meeting Jo and Isa who run the blog Jo&IsaLoveBooks. I say meet, at times it felt like I was being harangued from the floor by them while I was on stage, but I forgave them if for no other reason than Jo’s from the North East and, as my mum’s a Geordie, I’ve always had a soft spot for people from that part of the country.

Anyway, while we were chatting after the event, they explained a bit about what they did, and perhaps the most intriguing thing for me was to hear about Foster An Author, a campaign they run for five days once a year. This is the fourth year it’s been run and it’s clear they’re very excited about it. And when other people get excited, so do I (but let’s not go there…).

I did ask if they’d contact me when they were due to roll out this year’s event, and Isa sent me a message only yesterday, so this is as hot off the press as I can make it. The reason I wanted notifying is because I want to participate. It sounds interesting, it has the potential to boost book sales, and it offers an opportunity to promote book bloggers at the same time. With that in mind, I wanted to share it with the people who follow my blog (yes, both of you!), because I know a lot of you fall into one or other of the author and blogger camps. If you’re an author, follow this link to take a look and see if it gets you excited too! For a blogger looking for even greater levels of excitement (pimping is mentioned!), try this link.

No doubt you’ll hear more from me about this in a few weeks time.