It was Harold Macmillan who, when asked what was the greatest challenge for a statesman responded with the phrase “Events, dear boy, events.” I’m no historian, but I’m aware of Macmillan’s time as Prime Minister, and that it came to an end largely due to the actions of others. The perception, rightly or wrongly, was that, because he was in charge, he had to take responsibility. Our current Prime Minister doesn’t even need to wait for others to create such events, of course. It does make you wonder what it would take to make him go.

This, though, is an aside, and I’m sure you’ll have your own views on Boris and his abilities as a politician and leader, as well as being able to measure how far you could trust/throw him. The reason for me picking on the quote was simply to provide a lead in to an explanation about something I’m doing. You see? Really, it’s all about me, me, me.

About two years ago, I found myself in the position of being booked to appear at a couple of literary events. I’d had a few the year before, and there were others in the pipeline. It occurred to me that I really ought to have a single place to list all these for both my own reference and for anyone who might be interested in seeing and/or meeting me. Of course, it might be that those people are few and far between but, unless you put it out there, you’ll never know.

Anyway, this prompted me to get in touch with the guy who sorts out my website (I’m always going to leave that stuff to the professionals – it’s safer that way). He prepared a suitable page for me to update as I wanted/needed to, and it was all set to go. And then… Covid.

With all plans being cancelled, there seemed little point in going live with a redundant page, so it’s lain dormant for the last two years. Things are beginning to happen again, though, so I’ve gone back to the page and updated it, and now it can be found from my home page or you can go straight to it by clicking on my face below.

As well as the events and activities listed, there are others in the pipeline, but no dates set. Some of these are small and informal, others much larger. In some instances, I might just be a delegate at the event, but that still means I’m happy to meet up. If you see anything you fancy, do come along. I will post separately about specific events as details become clearer and the events get closer, but do check for updates. At present, the geography isn’t especially wide, but I do intend to put that right as the year progresses.

The act of writing can be a solitary one, but I do like to meet people (real ones, in real life), especially readers and fellow writers, so it’d be great to see you. But don’t bring Boris…