Our local library closed down towards the end of 2019. Not to join the ranks of the well-publicised library closures across the country, but for a major refurbishment. It was expected to reopen in the spring of 2020, at which time there was an intention to hold a series of talks and other events to kick-start things.  But… well, we all know what happened then. When it did eventually reopen it was relatively low-key and subject to restrictions. Now, those restrictions have been lifted, the events are starting, and I’m involved in one of them.

The last two decades have seen significant changes in the way books are sold, and that’s had an impact on the way publishers work and the kinds of books they’re selling. How do these changes affect the people writing those books, and how do they affect what will be available to readers? All of this – and more – will become clear as two Indie authors reveal what they’ve learned on the path to publication. 

Together with fellow Indie author, Barry Upton, I’ll be speaking on Thursday 7th April at 6pm.  The talk will appeal to anyone interested in books and how the market for them has changed – from the reader’s perspective as well as that of the writers. Whether a reader or an aspiring author, there’ll be something for all.

 At £2.50, and including a glass of wine and nibbles, there are worse ways of spending your time – or your money.

If you’d like to know more, feel free to get in touch with me. Alternatively, you can book your place there by phoning the library on 01777 708724, or emailing them at Retford.library@inspireculture.org.uk.

If you’re in North Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire – or even feel like travelling from further afield – it’d be good to see some familiar faces there (and new ones!).