I’m a regular reader of the Five on Friday feature on Jill’s Book Cafe. The format offers an interesting insight to your favourite authors – and introduces you to new ones as well. One such author was Steven Kedie, and you can read his Five on Friday here. Follow the link as well if you’re curious about Jill’s blog. And even if you’re not, take a look anyway – it’s a great site.

We learn stuff about people when we read these kinds of posts, and the item that leapt out at me was the concept of the music website Steven had co-founded. Eight Albums invites people to share (you won’t believe this…) eight albums they feel need sharing, along with why they mean something to the contributor. When I commented that I loved the idea, Steven invited me to take part. Well, given the invitation, you would, wouldn’t you?

It’s fair to say that I am of a certain, shall we say, vintage. So, the albums I picked do seem to relate to a relatively short period of my life. But which period? And are there stories to tell? Or any surprises? Only one way to find out…

Click the image above for my list – then check out who else is there