At Halloween, I took part in an event for a Facebook group and, in anticipation of that, reduced the price of my eBooks. The intention was to offer something extra to the people in the group taking part, but it also meant others could buy the books for 77p instead of their usual £2.99 (or whatever the equivalent was in other geographic areas).

Then I realised the blog tour for Carrion was taking place only a week later, and decided I might as well leave things as they were so anyone interested as a result of the tour could also pick up a bargain. It also meant I didn’t need to mess around with putting the prices back up and then dropping one or other of them again for the tour, only to raise them a week or so later. For reasons too complicated to go into, I have a busy life and my organisational skills have fallen by the wayside in recent times. Things will improve over the coming weeks and months but, frankly, I’m grabbing every opportunity to do nothing that I can.

However, the blog tour is now over, and it’s time to reset the price to a level that seems more appropriate. There has been an increase in sales, but not enough to make a big difference and, with the margins on the higher price being so much better, there’s really no advantage to me in keeping the lower level going.

Nevertheless, I have mentioned this lower price in social media so, in the interests of openness, I’m giving notice now that the prices will rise again on Sunday evening. If you’ve been considering getting an eBook of either Carrion or Ravens Gathering, you can still get them for 77p each until then. Click on the appropriate covers below to make your purchases.