When I finally released Carrion into the world back in May, I was really excited about getting it out there, and thought I had everything ready…  Funny how life doesn’t always work out how you planned.

The eBook launch went fine, and then I hit some snags with the production of the paperback (no one’s fault really, just one of those things), so that put me back, which led to me suspending the blog tour, and then…  Well, stuff happened.  All I’ll say is that COVID-19 is affecting healthcare across the board, not just the ability to treat people who’ve got the coronavirus.  I may have a mini-rant about that some other time – or a major one, depending on the mood I’m in and whether the rush back to ‘normality’ slows down or not.

Today, you’ll be pleased to know, is not that day.  Instead, I’m giving notice – fair warning if you like – that I’m likely to ramp up the references to Carrion over the next few weeks.  The blog tour is back on, and the paperback is due out.  I will be a pain, I’m sure, but I hope you’ll bear with me, and I shall intersperse my promotional posts with other items of interest – at least, I hope you’ll find them interesting.

For now, though, the first thing to be aware of is that the paperback will be available to purchase as from 1st October.  That’s two weeks today.  I’ve decided to give Amazon a go this time – a shocking admission considering how often I try to undermine them – which means that, unlike Ravens Gathering, unless you buy the book directly from me, the only retail option will be your local Amazon website.

Early reviews have been very good, and certainly surpassed my expectations, so I’m feeling very confident readers will love it – if they like that kind of thing…

If you want to know what ‘that kind of thing’ is, feel free to hop over to Amazon now to check out the blurb and the reviews by clicking on the cover image below.  I’m not trying to please all the people all the time, but if you fancy some action and adventure, with just a smidge of fantasy thrown in for good measure, I think there’s a strong chance you’ll enjoy coming along for the ride.