For a variety of reasons, I’ve not been very active on social media recently. I don’t have anything against it – well, no more than I did previously – but other distractions have limited my time. The only plus side of this is that one of those distractions has been working on the second draft of my next novel. Unusually for me, there is a bit of a deadline – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Not being on social media much has meant I haven’t read as many blog posts as normal. If you are someone who’s used to me sharing posts regularly, the bad news is I haven’t been doing it much lately. The good news is that I only share posts I’ve read, so at least you know I do bother to read the posts when I get to them.

On one of my rare forays into the blog world recently, I was delighted to come across a review Sue Vincent has done for Carrion. Obviously, it’s always exciting when you come across a review, but Sue has a lot on her plate at the moment, and for her to take time out to read my book feels like a rare privilege. If you don’t already know Sue (either online or in person), do spend some time checking her site out. Her output is prolific, so there’s something there for pretty much everyone, whether it’s tours of mediaeval churches (with some unexpected and entertaining insights), philosophical musings, writing prompts, or her current challenge – terminal cancer. Whatever the subject, even the grimmest, there is a lightness of touch, and a positivity that invokes curiosity and hope.

As chance would have it, my last blog post was to encourage people to participate in a challenge to support Sue. Although I didn’t really expect her to find time to read Carrion, the fact she did is an indication of why she deserves to be supported. She is by nature, a giving person, whether it’s her time, her knowledge (which is vast), her love or her encouragement. If anyone was deserving of help, she is, and now is the time.

I’d love you to read Sue’s review of Carrion, which you can access by clicking on the book cover below. But if you have to make a choice as to which link to check out, click on the Rodeo picture , and do what you can. There’ll be other reviews in the future. There won’t be another Sue.