It had been my intention to launch Carrion in paperback in the summer and have the launch coincide with a blog tour. Then life got in the way, as life does – and this year it really does…  So the paperback only became available a few weeks ago, and the blog tour starts next week. At the risk of boring the pants off you (it does seem to be the only thing that works for me these days), I will be sharing posts from the tour intermittently. But if you don’t want to wait for me to share, here’s the schedule:


9th November – Jane Hunt Writer and Reading_with_rio

10th November – Rhiannons Bookworld and A Little Book Problem

11th November – The Magic Of Wor(l)ds and The Book Reader

12th November – midnightangelbookheaven and Karen and Her Books

13th November – B for Book Review and The P Turners Book Blog

14th November – Book Reviews Today

15th November – Celeste C. Cruz and There’s Something About KM


Links are to their sites, not their posts about the book, but I’m sure you’ll find it if you search for Carrion.


In the meantime, let’s whet your appetite:


Salin has always wanted an adventure and, when the opportunity presents itself, he grabs it with both hands, taking his friends along for the ride – whether they want to or not.

With strange lands come strange creatures that stand between them and their goal. And that goal is the same for someone else, a man who believes the prize is worth every sacrifice – especially when the sacrifices are made by others.

The future is about to change. But who for?


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