This’ll probably be my last post before Christmas, so it seems only right (as I catch up on the reviews I should’ve done by now) to have a book with a Christmas theme.

I’ve read a few of Chris Ewan’s books in the past, and wrote a review of A Window Breaks here. The Interview is another that’s on my catch-up list for reviews. Each of those books was a thriller, with lots of tension and twists and turns along the way. I was aware that he’d also written the Good Thief series, but had no idea whether it was similar in tone or not.

If memory serves me correctly, about this time last year, I spotted a post somewhere promoting this special ‘festive’ short – my words, not his – and thought I’d give it a punt. At an estimated 82 pages, it wasn’t going to take up a great deal of my life if I didn’t like it.

Only I did. In spite of the fact that there was precious little tension and relatively few twists. In one sense, it felt like the kind of story that should meander gently along to its conclusion. It was comparatively light in tone and, although there was a sense of threat at times, it didn’t have you on the edge of your seat. Nevertheless, it moved along at a good pace, and kept me wanting to read to the end.

For something to get my teeth into, I’d happily go for one of his thrillers, but I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this. An ideal book for someone who just wants to squeeze in an entertaining story without having to take hours and hours. Possibly for that odd hour or so you have when you can take some ‘me’ time over the Christmas period.

That aside, I’m now curious about the rest of the Good Thief series. Not that I’m likely to get to it for a while yet, but I will get there.

If you fancy something crime related, but light and festive, I can recommend this.

So, if you want a copy yourself, click on the image above. If you want to know more about the author, you can check out his website here.

And on that note, I’ll wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.