I met Richard Mason at a gathering of writers and book bloggers recently and was surprised to discover he lived not far from me. Common ground does tend to draw people together, even if it is only a location. We chatted about our respective books and, curiosity piqued by his description, I downloaded a sample of The Brown Stuff to see if I felt it was worth reading.

Clearly, the fact that I’m writing this indicates that I felt it was. The writing style was engaging, and the first person narrative was, at times, reminiscent of the voiceover narration in Guy Ritchie movies. As a result, there was a pace that carried you along with it.

The storyline meanders in places, but provides you with a sense of the chaotic world in which the main protagonist exists. And the supporting characters are well drawn and fit into the larger than life style portrayed here.

It’s worth pointing out that the language and tone of this book is strong and could offend some readers. From a personal point of view, I would have preferred one or two elements to be toned down a little – but not much as the language and tone reflected the character of the story.

This is a short book that may have benefited from being a little longer.  For sure, I would like to read more of the same.

A bug bear of mine in recent years has been the lack of editing and proofreading in so many books published today – including from some of the mainstream publishers. There was evidence that The Brown Stuff could have done with a little more attention in this area, but it was relatively low level and didn’t distract me from my enjoyment of the book. More importantly, it gripped me in a way I haven’t been for quite a while, and I flew through it so I loved reading it and, for those of a less sensitive disposition, I am more than happy to recommend it.


Book description

Out of work, late twentysomething Danny Brown still lives at home with his Dad after the death of his Mum. In an effort to make a quick quid, Danny is often drawn to more dubious means of employment involving less than savoury characters.
Whilst enjoying a beer in his local pub he is made an offer too good to refuse…

Primarily set in London, England and accompanied by childhood friend Jamaica Dave, the pair embark upon a journey of hope. A journey which is driven along by a local wannabe big time gangster and his ultra menacing minder.

Hope soon turns to hopelessness…

The Brown Stuff is the first part of a black humour fiction trilogy, featuring Danny and Dave’s comical adventures that many readers may (worryingly) be able to relate to.

Strictly for adults only and not for the easily offended.

You have been warned.

Available to buy here