After reading Mark West’s The Hunter’s Quarry (review here), my enthusiasm for reading had received a boost. And the next book on my list was just the right thing to keep the momentum up.

I’ve read a few of Lauren’s books now, all psychological thrillers. The reviews for Safe at Home and One Step Behind can be accessed by clicking on the titles. Both of these were great, as were the others I’ve read – I just didn’t get round to writing the reviews (sorry, Lauren). The last one I read was All The Wicked Games and, whilst I haven’t done a review, I can strongly recommend it if you like the genre. For those heavily into psychological thrillers, there’s a chance you might have seen the twists coming, but I didn’t.

Anyway, reading history completed, I need to talk about She Says She’s My Daughter.

And I think the first thing to say is that it hooked me in straight away. The teaser prologue raises some questions, and then we’re straight into the story proper with short and punchy chapters that tease some more and leave you inevitably wondering what the hell is going on? And who is telling the truth? Or who is only telling you part of the truth? Or even lying to themselves? I’m not saying all or any of these apply (that’s up to you to find out) but, as a reader, you can’t help wondering as you’re going along.

Those short and punchy chapters also mean the pace is fast, with plenty of hooks at the end of them to give you the impetus to say: “Just one more…” Only it rarely was just one more.

I’ve previously commented that I’d recently regained my reading mojo. She Says She’s My Daughter kicked it up a notch. My normal reading time is when I get to bed. I found I was picking this up at every opportunity. And then, as the closing chapters came along, I couldn’t put it down. Even though I was due to start work, I settled down at my desk that morning with my Kindle on and ignored the To Do list on my laptop. (In case you’re wondering, I did make up the time later.)

The ending, the reveals, were perfectly done, with tension maintained throughout the closing scenes and then, just when you think it’s all over…

Well, again, that’s for you to find out.

As I’ve already indicated, I’ve enjoyed Lauren North’s previous books. I did get a sense with All The Wicked Games that she’d moved her writing up a notch. With She Says She’s My Daughter I think she’s shifted up several notches. If you haven’t already tried her books, now is definitely the time to get started.

If I have piqued your interest and you want to know more, click on the left-hand image for the eBook, and the right hand image for the paperback.