I mentioned in a post the other day that one of the benefits of going to different events, which is never knowing who you’ll meet. A couple of years ago, I went to an author/blogger gathering in York and, shortly after arriving, met Anna Shenton. The event had been organised via the Book Connectors Facebook group, but it turned out that Anna had set up another FB group, currently under the banner WriteReadReview.  Naturally, I joined the group, and it was clear that Anna was very supportive to all members and, even though I tended to poke my head round the door only occasionally, was always made to feel welcome.

Shortly before the lockdown, I did manage to see her at another event, though our conversation was only brief. That is the downside of these gatherings. They’re like weddings or family parties, you never get time to talk properly to everyone there. Nevertheless, as the eBook launch of Carrion drew nearer she was her usual supportive self, and encouraged me to share details at every opportunity.

Because her own writing is in different genres, I didn’t think the story would be up her street. Nevertheless, as a thank you for the help she’d given, I offered her a copy of the book. To my surprise, she was one of the first to read and review it. Just goes to show, you should never make assumptions…


I was lucky enough to be offered a digital copy of Carrion by the author Graeme Cumming via a writing group. I knew this was something out my comfort zone, not my usual genre. But the eye-catching cover and the impact of a blurb, a contrast of harrowing scenes yet filled with detailed description of an enticing adventure begged me to dip my toes.
I would like to say so much about this dark compelling story but appreciate readers will undoubtedly want to go on this absorbing adventure and experience it themselves. I can tell you I loved how the author portrays the start of the adventure and acts out via the characters introducing me to Salin and his so believable friends, especially Willow who always seems to have her head screwed on in some sticky situations. I immediately felt Salin’s enthusiasm for this adventure and felt the need to follow it through to see if he reached his goals. All the characters are well fleshed out, their names cleverly chosen by the author so appropriate to the story. I had to flip back occasionally at the start to reassure myself as there are several characters to get to know. The deeper into the story and as I became accustomed to the author’s writing style it became clearer and didn’t spoil the story.
I felt as if I was in the middle of the battle at times during the continuing onslaught, even had to make sure there were no shattered skulls or blooded casualties around me. The great variation of emotion within this story sometimes left me breathless and the many strange creatures are so wonderfully described leaving me in almost astonishment.
This has been an eyeopener to me. Graeme Cumming has no doubt a wonderful way with words and an amazingly vivid imagination. His talent shines throughout with a great sense of creativity and planning. I can only imagine much valid time was spent on research too. If you fancy going on a unique journey filled with some awesome descriptive and gripping scenes, why not give it a go. I’m so pleased I went out of my comfort zone. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out.


So, you never know, it might just be up your street too.



Some temptations are worth giving in to.

All you need to do is click on the Kindle.

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