My last post was a review of Mel Comley’s book, Cruel Justice but, in explaining how I came to read it, I also mentioned that she’d told me she would read Carrion. Although I didn’t want to hold her to it, I did get a sense she was genuine in her intentions, so I suspected it might come to something.

As we ended the Twitter exchange prompting the declaration we’d read each other’s books, I said I hoped Carrion didn’t disappoint. That was on May 18th.

What I didn’t expect was that, on June 18th, I’d get the following response: Reading Carrion now and it’s definitely not disappointing.

I did know that she was busy. She’d said so, and the odd comment I’d seen elsewhere seemed to suggest she wasn’t exaggerating. What I hadn’t appreciated was just how productive she is as a writer. I can’t even begin to comprehend her work schedule. So, even though I hadn’t expected her to read it so soon, I’m even more impressed now I know more.

There was also an indication that she’d let me know her verdict in a few days. Those few days turned out to be less than 24 hours.

Before I share it with you, can I just tell you that, even if she’d given me one star, I’d have been chuffed that she simply made time to read it. She told me early on that she liked to support other authors. This is an author who walks the walk.


Definitely reading out of my comfort zone with this one. I met Graeme on Twitter. I had no idea what the book was about when I promised to read it. Blooming heck, his writing is amazing, atmospheric and mesmerising at times. I was absolutely gripped by the story.

It’s definitely a mixture of genres anything from an adventure thriller to at times a dip into the realms of fantasy.

We meet Salin and his group of friends, each very different and all of them have a place in this engaging story. There were definitely some shocking moments throughout during their adventures.

The author did a fantastic job of making the reader feel they belonged in the story with their own lives at stake.

Highly recommended and an absolute pleasure to read.





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