Time has seemed to shift this year. What you thought happened only a few days ago actually took place back in early spring, and what seemed like months ago turns out to have been last week. Or is it just me? A lot of this warping of time is probably down to the weird experience of lockdown. Or maybe it’s just a sign that I’m getting older and am better able to remember things from my dim and distant past than what happened last week.

The reason I’m reflecting on this is because it seems so much longer ago than the year before last that I first encountered Kerry Parsons. She was participating in a blog tour for Ravens Gathering, and did an interview with me. A few months later, I found out about the other gatherings she was involved in, which were meetings of authors and book bloggers, and went along to actually meet her in person. Again, it seems remarkable to me that this was only eighteen months ago, especially as I’ve been to several of them now. Surely it must have been longer than that?

And Kerry has been a terrific supporter, as I’m sure she is with many authors. Her review for Ravens Gathering was suitably enthusiastic and, when I came to launch Carrion, she was among the first to offer a publication day promo and another interview slot shortly after. I wrote recently about the value of book bloggers, and Kerry is certainly one of the outstanding examples.

So I was delighted that she included Carrion as one of her ’20 Books of Summer’, especially when I saw the other books on her list – I felt like I was in great company. And now she’s read it and the review is done. So far, it’s been a full house of 5 star reviews. I’m sure that’ll change before long (you can’t please all the people all the time), but I’m savouring the ones I’ve got. To read Kerry’s review, click on the Kindle cover below. And, if you’ve got time, take a look around her blog site – there’s some great stuff there.