Not that I am by any means an expert, but it seems to me that, when a blog blitz is done, most of the blogs provide set pieces of information: cover, blurb, author bio and links to buy the book. That was certainly all I expected and, in most cases, that’s what I got – and I was very happy with it. But, aside from Linda Hill’s fantastic effort (at very short notice, I have to say), there were a couple of others who also did a that little bit more.

The first I noticed was from Nicola at Orchard Book Club. On the face of it, there wasn’t much extra in there, but she’d clearly remembered reviewing Ravens Gathering, so she made the opening a little bit special. For me, anyway. Click on the badly drawn trees so you can see for yourself…






The first assault came without warning. As the birds smashed into the cottage, the impact startled him, and he fell back from the wall, dropping the sword with a clatter on the stone floor. Another wave of thuds sounded from all sides, and he realised they weren’t concentrating on one point, they were trying to break through wherever they could.

Above his head, the timbers on the window bowed with each impact. Not enough for them to splinter, but almost. Leaning against the wall, he could even feel the birds smashing into the other side. Overhead, he could hear a different sound, though equally rhythmic, as the roof was pounded as well.



Some temptations are worth giving in to.

All you need to do is click on the Kindle.