As we count down the final few days before the Bloggers Bash, it’s important to be aware of a few things. Tomorrow, we get to meet the delegates, but today we meet the sponsors.

This year, the Awards at the Annual Bloggers Bash are being sponsored by Greenstory Stone Notebooks.

Yes, you read it correctly… a notebook made of STONE

Developed by Dutch brother & sister duo Kaim and Yagmur and supported by copywriter Fleur, Greenstory seeks to make a difference for sustainability. The paper for the Stone Notebook is made of 80% calcium carbonate (which is waste material from marble quarries). 20% polyethylene is added, and that’s it. It uses 6X less energy to produce, leaves a 3X smaller CO2 footprint and uses no coating, water, acid, bleach or optical brighteners. The material can be infinitely recycled to make more Stone notebooks and the paper waterproof and much stronger than most other notebooks available on the market.

As an added bonus, the company is working in partnership with OneTreePlanted so that for every journal purchased, a tree is planted in Ghana.

Greenstory are very kindly awarding the winner of each category at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards with one of their Stone Notebooks. You can find a review of it here

Want to find out more?

Greenstory Website

Twitter: @ourGreenStory

Instagram: @ourGreenStory