A few days ago, I mentioned the Annual Bloggers Bash Award nominations would be opening shortly. Well, inevitably, the date came and went, and I missed them completely. Some would argue it’s because I have no interest in them. By that, I mean I’m not eligible to be nominated – although I have previously also said that they don’t excite me anyway. For me, the Bash has always been about the opportunity to meet up with people you normally only get to connect with online. But I recognise that the Awards add something extra to the day, and they clearly mean a lot to the people who participate – both the nominees and the people nominating. So, if you want to nominate a blogger you love, go to the website and find out what you need to do by clicking on the link here. And if you want to be there when the award winners are announced or, like me, just because you’d like to find out whether bloggers are normal people in real life (debateable, to be honest), click on the image below to find out how to get yourself a ticket.