In August 2015, around 20 strangers gathered together outside the British Library and met for the first time. That was the inaugural Bloggers Bash, and it led to the creation of friendships and, more importantly, a support network among bloggers. I was lucky enough to be one of those first few and some of the relationships that came from that meeting have made a big difference to my life.

Over the following two years, the Bash has grown, becoming more than a simple social gathering, and the plans for the event in 2018 are already well under way. Do keep an eye on the Bloggers Bash Facebook page for announcements which are coming soon.

Different people have got different things from coming along. There have been those who revelled in the kudos of winning awards, while others have gained more from the presentations made by other bloggers. For me personally, the greatest part was getting to meet in person the people I’d only otherwise had contact with online. Some of those people are exactly how you expect them to be, others less so – it’s easy to hide behind a persona on the Net. Regardless of expectations, having removed the screens, I’ve met and enjoyed the company of some fascinating individuals.

But it occurred to me a while ago that meeting up only once a year isn’t really enough. So I’ve finally got around to setting a date for a very informal get together. This isn’t a Bash-related event, just a random gathering. No presentations, no awards, no plans – just an opportunity to meet up in a bar, have a few drinks, a bite to eat if you want to, but mainly to chat.

As a change from London, I’ve picked Birmingham as the location. It has good rail and road links, so shouldn’t be too hard to get to for a lot of people.

There are already a handful of others joining me, names that’ll be familiar to many of you. So, if you’d like to come along, please let me know by emailing me and I’ll provide you with details of where we plan to meet. The date is 4th November, the start time midday – no late nights for me, not at my age! It would be good to meet up again with old friends, but also to make new ones, so if you blog at all you’re more than welcome.