Things are beginning to get a little clearer now…  They’re moving apace! With the cover designed, the blurb finally decided upon and the last minute tweaks completed, Carrion is almost ready to launch. I know a lot of authors and publishers will have been plugging their new book for months before a launch, but I’m giving myself just under three weeks.

And there’s a simple reason for that: I didn’t want to commit to a launch date until I was confident the book was the best it could be. And it really is! I couldn’t be more pleased with Carrion and I’m excited that it’s finally going to be available for anyone to read. Apprehensive, of course, but excited all the same.

Still, having reached that point, I can’t see any advantage in holding off any longer.


So, from 9th May, Carrion will be available on Kindle. It’s available to pre-order now and, between now and the end of May, will be available for the bargain price of 99p. After that, it will go up to the normal price of £2.99 – which is still a bargain compared to what else you can spend £2.99 on! At least, it would be in ordinary times…

The paperback will be available in the summer, and I’ll have time to arrange a blog tour to coincide with that. In the meantime, if anyone has the time or space on their blogs to share news of what is clearly going to be the literary event of the year (or possibly not…) do get in touch via the comments, the Contact button at the top of this page, or any other way we usually communicate. My gratitude will know no bounds – or very few, anyway.

For now, though, I’ll leave you with this…


Rocks hadn’t been in the plan. Salin hadn’t mentioned any at all when they’d set out. Cordane would’ve remembered that. Because, even if they’d only been hinted at, he wouldn’t have got in the boat in the first place. And yet here they were. A whole series of them, sticking up from the seething waters, sharp, angular edges glistening in the midday sun.


Choose your words carefully.

Words have power.




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