And so the adventure continues… If you can call it that.

On publication day, Jill Doyle at Jill’s Book Cafe also went above and beyond the call of duty by including a guest post from me. This one is a little reflective, but I think it also acts as a useful reminder that there are lessons we learn in life – and we can put them into our books and still make them entertaining.

To enjoy the read, take a close look at the image on the right and see if you can click where it says… Dragons Teeth..






The sun was still low on the horizon when they saw the ravens standing on the ground ahead of them.

The surrounding landscape was a mixture of hillocks and rolling meadowland. Some distance away to their right, sunlight reflected off a broad expanse of water – a small lake, Flint guessed. All in all, with no breeze and barely a cloud in the sky, this should’ve been a perfect day. But he’d been aware of something else in the air, and now it looked like it was here.

In front of them, the ravens were blocking their path. They covered a patch of land at least fifteen feet wide and ten feet deep. With their wings tucked in, the space they covered was a solid mass of birds.



Some temptations are worth giving in to.

All you need to do is click on the Kindle.

You know you want to…